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There are many pitfalls in the process of filmmaking. However, our experience is that there are a few that we see more often than any others. Below are the 'Terrible Ten' - the "Ten Most Common Moviemaking Mistakes". If you can avoid these, you will be well on your way to good solid filmmaking.

  1. Not using a tripod
  2. Putting your finger over the lens
  3. Filming in an area with undesirable background noise
  4. Not preparing a Storyboard before filming
  5. Not charging your battery before filming
  6. Not providing enough light - or - providing too much light
  7. Not preparing your actors before filming
  8. Trying to do too much with your film- especially too much emphasis on special effects
  9. Improper use of microphones - too close, too far away, wrong microphone for the job
  10. Not scouting locations before you begin shooting your film

Keep this list with you and review it before and during your filmmaking.