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About Mini Movie Makers

The Caseys - Kevin the oldest, Tim the middle child, and Sean, the youngest - live in Los Angeles. Growing up in the movie capital of the world led to an early and deep interest in all things "movie." From the time they were very young, they would borrow the family videocam and stage their own movies with toy dinosaurs or action figures. They taught themselves to do basic editing so they could use video for school projects.


The First "Movie" Pitch

Just into their teens, they designed, scripted and pitched their first movie business to a popular, local Summer Day Camp. The idea was to teach kids, - ages 4 through 14 - about the magic behind moviemaking. "Movie Magic" was launched and quickly became one of the Camp's most popular activities, recently completing its tenth year.


Using a classroom that they decorated with all the elements of a movie studio, the three brothers taught, as a team, the joy and fun of why movies are magical - the stories, the performers, the sound and visual effects, the music and other tools of the trade. It was here that they learned that kids from a very young age - 4 years and up - could grasp and understand the concepts of moviemaking. More importantly, they saw that young kids also loved the experience of using cameras, scripting and acting in their very own movies. The success of "Movie Magic" led to a separate, successful, Movie-Making Specialty Camp specifically dedicated to teaching the art and proper techniques of moviemaking to kids.

The Caseys know from over ten years of experience that kids want to learn all about moviemaking. They also know that kids learn through humor and fun. They have created their website as a fun place for kids to learn how to do what they love while using the proper techniques and tools. In addition, they have developed a one-hour DVD - "Movie Making Fun For Kids" - to help kids learn "the right way to make movies."







Kevin received his BA degree from Boston College with majors in both English and Film. He worked as the Broadcast Director at a K-8 school in Los Angeles, where he also produced a weekly television program for and by elementary and middle school students. He currently creates visual effects for films and produces videos and websites.

Tim is a graduate of Georgetown University where he majored in Theology with a minor in Theater. He was a lead performer for Georgetown's Department of Performing Arts program and, before college, performed professionally for Disney and Fox Televison.

Sean currently produces videos for Boston College, where he majored in Film and Communication. He worked with a public magnet middle school in Boston to develop a broadcast program for their students. In college, he served as Executive Producer of Boston College Television and worked for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences as an Emmys intern.

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