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Parent Involvement Can Help Kids Become Better Consumers Of Media

While our website is targeted for youngsters between the ages of 5 and 12, an important goal of the site is to involve parents in the movie making process. As our society moves more and more into a visual one - TV, movies, the Internet (YouTube, Facebook) amongst a few examples it is critical that children understand and respect the medium. We believe that the more they learn to dissect and be critical of all the visual media that is being directed at them, they will be better prepared to interpret it.


Kids Love Making Movies!

What better way to take control of the media that is already so important in their lives than to learn to create their own visual images through movie making. By teaching children the right way to make movies we believe they will be more thoughtful and serious about all movie making. Much of what is created today by and for youngsters is neither thoughtful nor serious. We want to help change that.


We have created an environment that enables you, the parent, to become involved in the process of movie making with your child. Our weekly movie making assignments allow and encourage kids to work together with their parents.


Why Making Movies is a Wonderful Outlet for Kids

• It enhances their imagination and creativity.

• Provides real hands-on methods to demonstrate and express imagination.

• For some kids, it will be the preferred way to communicate their hopes, dreams and concerns for the future.


The Parent's Corner is designed to provide you with:

• The background and insight into why we choose certain topics for presentation.

• Tips on how to interact with your child in the movie making process that we are covering that week.

• Articles and links for you to use to learn more about movie making for kids and the entire world of visual spatial learning.


We hope to hear from you regularly and encourage your comments and suggestions. Please contact us whenever you'd like.


We believe that if your son or daughter stays with the website and participates regularly, they will become increasingly proficient in the world of movie making. We hope you will too.

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