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Film your next School Project and wow your Teachers!

You can apply your skills as a moviemaker to more than just making movies to entertain your family and friends. One of the best ways to showcase your skill is in doing a school project. Traditionally school projects are comprised of written reports, graphs, maybe a paper-mache model, or a poster board with pictures. If you really want to wow your teacher and classmates, consider how you might create a filmed school project. The possibilities are limitless:


• Your film could take the form of a documentary - (think Ken Burns - famous for his documentaries on the Civil War and World Wars)

• You could include interviews with experts in a particular field (perhaps teachers, chemists, engineers, lawyers, medical professionals, police officer)

• Or maybe include clips that you get doing your research on the Internet or actual footage that you film of different modes of transportation.


The point is that most school projects will lend themselves to a movie if you just use your imagination - and get the prior permission from your teacher!


Sample Projects

Here are some actual projects ideas that other students have recently completed. Maybe this might get your imagination started!





One class was assigned to create a movie based on the Lewis and Clark Expedition. They interviewed hikers from the Sierra Club to see what problems the explorers might have encountered, they used photos of the actual trip to explain what they saw, they showed a animated map to follow the route they took and they even staged a reenactment of one of the segments of the expedition. Most important they learned a lot and had fun doing it.

This student decided to take a new and unique look at the science of earthquakes. He filmed photos of the various major earthquakes using a fade in effect to show before and after. He interviewed local seismic engineers, he filmed various hills that have been created by earthquakes from centuries ago and even filmed different earthquake proof techniques used in large buildings.

A Middle school student decided to take a visual path for her assignment rather than a written book report on the book "To Kill a Mocking Bird". She filmed photos from the movie and interviewed a lawyer to ask how the case would have been handled differently today. She also included an audio clip of the author discussing the book with a picture of her and photos of her hometown as she discussed them.

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