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Submit a Video to our Kid Vid Club!

Our Kid Vid Club is a community of kids interested in making movies. Members receive monthly newsletters full of tips and tricks for all movie makers. Signing up is easy and free. Join now!



Submitting Movies

One of the great ways to get better as a movie maker is to see the work others are doing and to let others see what you are doing. Every week or so, we post a lucky video to our Kid Vid Club page and explain what we liked about it. Anyone can submit their video for consideration - even non-members! All you have to do is post your movie to or, free video-sharing sites.





• Go to or


• Log in or create a free account


• Upload your video


   YouTube: Make sure that you have selected "Public" or "Unlisted" under "Privacy Settings" in your video settings


   Vimeo: Make sure that you have checked the "Anywhere" tab under "Where can this video be embedded?" in your video settings


• Email the url/link to your video to


• That's it!




If you are confused about the process or would like some more information, please email us at and we can help you out.

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